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Interview with Deborah Castellano or better known as Debsmadness ( Italian Fashion Blogger)

December 11, 2017


1. What is fashion for you?

Debsmadness: A mean of expression without using words.

2. How did you start your career as a fashion blogger ?

Debsmadness: I’ve always had a passion for fashion photography, when I was 14 I decided to create a blog. A blog that nowadays I use as a fashion portfolio to show my viewers my work as a fashion blogger and model.

3. For how long have you been involved in the fashion industry?

Debsmadness: When I was 16 years old, two years after creating my blog my followers started to increase. I also started to work for fashion, I started to wear fashion garments for the stores in order to sell them. In this stage of my life I wrote my first fashion report for a independent magazine.

4. Despite being a fashion influencer do you always have to follow your own trend (dressed up) or do you allow yourself to be underdressed or out of the style you follow ( fashion influencer, blogger)

Debsmadness: At the beginning I didn’t have a style per say. I just wore outfits I liked, to be up to date with the hottest trends. Nowadays I’d say that my style is vintage. I love to wear all black and make the details count like for example a nice jacket from the 70´s or a beautiful pair of stilettos. Something I consider very my style is always wearing shades, no matter the weather. I mix street style and vintage attitudes to reach my glam style or The Debsmadness style.

5. What do you think about buying fashion magazines? and when was the last time you bought one?

Debsmadness: Nowadays you can find what’s hot in the fashion world on social media, but on the contrary magazines and newspapers can help you find inspiration thanks to the shootings and commercials you can find in the content. So I think that magazines can help you with your ideas for personal projects, personally I don’t buy too many magazines even if I always thought they can be used for bloggers like me.

6. Do you prefer to buy a physical magazine or read it online?

Debsmadness: I prefer physical magazines because if it came to actually reading one online I would rather use Instagram that provides a wider view of the subject.

7. Which social medias do you find more relevant to use according to fashion? Explain

Debsmadness: Instagram, because it gives you a direct access to maison and personal designers profiles and you can also thru the insta stories their personal lives and how the fashion industry works within the app.

8. How do you approach writing? (blogger, journalist)

Debsmadness: At the beginning of my blogging career I used the blog to share outfits and garments I liked to my followers and fashion trends I inquired from social media, after a while I also started to share my personal experiences like voyages and differents jobs I had within the fashion world, but recently I started to share my intimate life and my personal thoughts to include my followers in my life, to make them feel part of the Debsmadness experience.

9. Do have a fashion vocabulary when expressing your work?

Debsmadness: Yes, I use my personal way of writing, in fact I use an informal language. I always write only in italian.

10. What do you think about Lynn Yaeger’s statement “ The more things you are interested in, the more you watch the news, the more you read about different things, the better your ideas about fashion are going to be”.

Debsmadness: I agree with this phrase, it is true, knowledge is power and you can reflect this power with your fashion world and reflect it in your outfits or in your style, even though you have to always follow your personal path in fashion.

11. How would you say that you impact others within the fashion world?

Debsmadness: I disagree, I can’t be an impact in the fashion world because I am more focused in expressing my style and in captivating teenagers that want to be represented by me. So I am more focused on my target.

12. If you could advice millennials of how to keep up with the fashion industry?

Debsmadness: I recommend determination, passion and style, these variables could be the right way to begin in the fashion industry because I believe that this are the basics for the glam world.

13. An fashion celebrity interview or fashion journalist opinion?


14. Where do you find inspiration regarding what clothing to purchase?Visual merchandising in shops (displays/ mannequins), Following shops/ brands on social media, Online clothing shops, Magazines, Bloggers/ Youtubers

Debsmadness: Vintage stores, I always think that I was born in the wrong historical period. I want to distinguish myself from others and this is by shopping in second hand stores. The Debsmadnnes wardobre varies a lot, most of my garments are from vintage shops, and of course some designer here and there. Apart from that, I think that fashion these days is very commercial, maybe too commercial according to my taste.

15. What media within fashion do you consider as the most reliable? How come?

Debsmadness: I consider Pinterest as my Plan B because I can find the inspiration by just putting my keywords. Pinterest comes in very handy with my fashion studies, it helps me brainstorm the ideas for new projects I want to develop.

16. Which medias do you personally use to be updated with the latest fashion news?

Debsmadness: I use Vogue to find the latest news about fashion and sometimes I also use Fashion TV programs such as FASHION CHANNEL to update my knowledge of fashion trends. I rely on Vogue Archive to be updated with the Fashion Weeks around the world and to see how designers change their minds every season.

17. Do you think TV is a relevant tool to promote fashion? Explain your choice

Debsmadness: TV could be a good way to promote commercial fashion, especially on perfumes and accessories but I really believe that instagram is the only way to be attached to people.

18. Would you rather get a magazine to watch the pictures or an video in the same online magazine is more interesting?

Debsmadness: I think it is more interesting to watch the pictures from real magazines because they represent a story told by the photographer and fashion brands and you could acquire these development of ideas to reach a way to present my portfolio and my blogg.

19. Can you give an example of an existing media that has the potential to have a great influence in the future (new)

Debsmadness: 21 Buttons because this app allows you to see the work of bloggers and influencers and is also a good way to easily find fashion brands they use to dress themselves. Specially because you can find the exact product they are wearing in the picture and i think app could be a real revolution for bloggers, influencers and fashion brands and its the easiest way to follow someone’s style. I believe that 21 Buttons could be the next instagram.